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The Fairgrounds is more than just the Fair!

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There is always something going on at the Missoula Fairgrounds Events Center!  Why not hold your next event at one of the Fairgrounds’ several event spaces?  Whether you’re expecting a few or a few hundred, the Fairgrounds has the perfect space to hold your event.  From wedding receptions to holiday parties, and fundraisers to trade shows, the Fairgrounds is the perfect place to host your next event!


Home Arts Building

Great for: receptions, reunions, meetings, parties, dances, fundraisersta__0022ta__0016ta__0018

  • Starts at $425 per day
  • 5400 Square Feet
  • Holds up to 300
  • Heated and Air Conditioned
  • Available year round
  • Fully-Equipped Kitchen
  • Newly finished wood floor
  • Coat room
  • Large Restrooms
  • Adjacent to a large lawn


Llama Barn

Great for: concerts, parties, fundraisers and trade shows.

  • Starts at $500 per day
  • 7000 square feet
  • Capacity varies by event type
  • Non-heated
  • Available April through November
  • Asphalt floor
  • Large warehouse space
  • High ceilings
  • Winter vehicle storage available

4-H Pavilion

Great for: arts & crafts shows, concerts, parties, fundraisers, car shows, and trade shows.

  • Starts at $850 per day
  • 26,000 square feet
  • Capacity for large events
  • Open-air structure
  • Available April through September
  • Smooth concrete floor
  • Plentiful power availability

Commercial Building

Great for: weddings, receptions, banquets, fundraisers, craft and trade shows, dancescommercial-building-2img_7665_1-2img_7481_1-2

  • Starts at $800 per day
  • 9000 square feet (main floor)
  • Holds up to 300
  • Non-heated
  • Available year round
  • Historic symbol of Missoula’s Fairgrounds
  • Two stories
  • Hardwood floors
  • Beautiful historic interior
  • Built-in vendor booths
  • Plentiful power and lighting



















Floriculture Building

Great for: meetings, craft and trade shows, parties, educational events, fundraisers, wedding receptions

  • Starts at $300 per day
  • 3500 square feet
  • Holds up to 300
  • Heated
  • Available year round
  • Large, open floor plan
  • Tile floors
  • ADA restrooms
  • Adjacent to Commercial and Culinary buildings

Fair Center

Great for: classes, meetings, kid parties, dinner celebrationsimg_0064

  • Starts at $150 per day
  • 1800 square feet
  • Holds up to 100
  • Heated
  • Available year round
  • Single restroom
  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Intimate, restaurant style space
  • Can be divided into two rooms






Culinary Building

Great for: craft and trade shows, cooking classes and demonstrations, convention activities, banquets

  • Starts at $800 per day
  • 5000 square feet (main floor)
  • Holds up to 300
  • Non-heated
  • Available year round
  • Historic building
  • Fully-equipped multi-station kitchen and bar
  • Two stories
  • Built-in vendor booths

Fine Arts Building

Great for: art and photography, meetings, classes, parties, long-term office rental

  • Starts at $400 per day
  • 2100 square feet
  • Holds up to 100
  • Heated and air conditioned
  • Available year round
  • Historic and newly remodeled
  • ADA restrooms
  • Adjoining covered patio and lawn

South Lawn 

Great for: picnics and community gatherings, fundraisers, sports activities, celebrations

  • Starts at $150 per day
  • 1800 square feet
  • Holds up to 200
  • Open air picnic area
  • Available April through September
  • Large lawn with great views
  • Picnic tables and sunshades
  • Seasonal restrooms
  • Adjacent to Fine Arts building and patio

Carnival Lot

Great for: car and boat shows, festivals, expos, drive-in movies, camping, sportsimg_0062

  • Rates vary based on impact 
  • 5 acres of wide open lawn space
  • Large capacity for big events or sports
  • Open air space
  • Available year round
  • Adjacent to Home Arts Building and parking areas
  • Available power, lights, and water









Great for: rodeos, bike races, motorsports, monster trucks, concertsimg_0038

  • Rates vary based on impact 
  • 46,700 square feet
  • Grandstands capacity up to 3500
  • Open air space
  • Available year round
  • Ample parking
  • Available livestock barns and chutes
  • Large infield lawn
  • Great views of Pattee Canyon and Lolo Peak



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